Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Americans gone wild #3

The gentleman at left appeared yesterday at an Obama event in Phoenix with a (legal) assault rifle strapped to his back and a (legal) pistol on his hip. According to the AP (via TMP) there were about 12 other people at the event carrying guns, including at least one other man with an assualt rifle.

There were no arrests

Try, if you can, to imagine someone appearing at a Bush event carrying a loaded weapon.

Can't do it? Me neither.

Perhaps, I'm having difficulty with this because when Bush was president he played the wimpy game of discouraging and/or stifling dissent. Rather then allow political opponents to greet him carrying weapons, Bush's guide for planning presidential events had lots of instructions for "preventing demonstrators,” and “deterring potential protesters from attending events." Not only were guns out of the question: Honest opposition was, too.


For example: The man carrying the assualt rifle in the photo above was not arrested, detained or questioned, nor was the man who, last week, stood outside an Obama event with a gun on his hip, while carrying a sign calling for revolution. Yet, just a few years ago two people who attended a Bush event wearing opposition T-Shirts were handcuffed and hauled out out.

See the difference?

TMP: Man Carrying An Assault Rifle And Pistol Outside Obama Event
AZ Central: Obama: 'Honored and humbled' to speak before Valley vets

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