Monday, August 03, 2009

Lazer Brody is officially off the deep end*

Be warned. Obama might be Hitler! Would you like to know why? I bet you do! Here's Lazer Brody with the True but Shocking parallels.

Adolf Shicklgruber (aka Heidler, which subsequently became Hitler on his German nationalization papers) was an Austrian-born Lance Corporal in the German Army in WWI. After the war, he became a beer-hall orator and sworn antisemite and German nationalist who unsuccessfully tried to sieze [sic] power by force in 1923 with his fellow Nazi rowdies. Within 10 short years, in 1933, he became the elected Chancellor of Germany. Obama's rise to power has been twice as fast as Hitler's. Their common denominator is their fast tongue - Hitler was and Obama is a classic mass-swaying orator. If this does not stimulate the fear of G-d in your heart, then you need an urgent EKG.
So, if Obama is Hitler, what does that make Bush? Paul Von Hindenberg, of course. So wow: Is Lazer saying W is a decrepit, barely sentient fool who wrecked the US economy in the way Hindenberg destropyed Weiner Germany? Hmmm.... What an oddly appealing train of thought. Before I start agreeing with this nonsense, let's go back to Lazer:
Here's another interesting parallel - today's issue of Time Magazine lauds Obama for saying no to Israel about building in East Jerusalem. This is the same Time Magazine that voted Adolph Hitler Man of the Year in 1938.
And here's the boring non-interesting fact that destroys the parallel: Man of the Year isn't a vote of confidence or approval. It's just the person or whatever who, to quote Time, "for better or for worse, ...has done the most to influence the events of the year."

So, no cigar.

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*Some of you no doubt think Lazer went off the deep end when he praised me here. You may be right.

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