Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stewart buries CNBC

After a mad (by which I mean crazy) CNBC reporter expressed some loud ire about the Obama plan to help homeowners pay their mortgages, Jon Stewart tore the whole CNBC network a large, gaping, new one. I'm talking Grand Canyon sized.

His rebuttal is hysterically funny, while also making some serious points. I, for one find, find it offensive when richies, fat from 5 absurdly prosperous years, complain about Obama's intention to help those who missed out at the party, and are now suffering doubly. When, as in the case of CNBC and the people it covers, the whiners and complainers are the very people who contributed to the meltdown with bad reporting, bad prognosticating, and bad business practices, well, it just makes want to hurl.

Related famous Jon Stewart line: After playing a clip of a Meryl Lynch executive explaining that large bonuses were distributed last December, because "that's what it takes to keep the best people" Stewart exploded: The best people? YOU LOST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. THOSE AREN'T THE BEST PEOPLE!

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