Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Amazing Passover Invention

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This Year Elijah Will Drink at Your Seder!

Each year you invite Elijah to come drink at your Seder and yet, as far as you know, not a drop of wine has left his cup. Obviously, you don’t have the right cup. With the brand new ElijahDrinks Cup, after the door is opened for Elijah, the wine will drain from the cup right before everyone’s eyes!

Marc Jaffe, who has been a writer on Seinfeld, has invented this unique kos Eliyahu. It sits on the table just like any kos Eliyahu, but, somehow, at exactly the right time after opening the door for Elijah, the wine slowly drains from the cup. It brings lots of laughs from adults, much amazement from kids and a bit of extra joy to your Seder.

It's available at where you can learn about it and see it in action.

Get the cup that is certain to become a Passover tradition for coming generations.


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