Monday, March 30, 2009

The New York Post (owned by Rupert Murdoch, noted proponent of conservative values) scattered a whole heaping pile of Jewish dirty laundry all over NYC yesterday:

Hundreds of Jewish men and women who want to cheat on their spouses are flocking to a new Web site for ultra-Orthodox Jews seeking heretical hookups. -- named for the founder's first mistress -- was launched March 19 by a modern Orthodox man from Midwood, Brooklyn, who says he got the idea from Hasids he met in chat rooms seeking adulterous action.

Roughly 350 members have signed up, said the site's creator, Jerry, who refused to give his last name for fear of rabbinical retribution. He said 50 members paid the introductory fee of $99 for two years, while others have created free profiles. There have been another 200 inquiries from around the world.

VIP member "ChanieS," 34, lists her dating status as "married and miserable" and complains about her husband's "hit and runs" in the bedroom. Her profile had 703 views last week. One 31-year-old male lists "oh those hose" and hot Orthodox ladies as his turn-ons.

Rabbis, understandably, are enraged.

I'm enraged, too, and here's why: This shmutzy site has fifty members -FIFTY! Fifty is suddenly a big number? My shul gets a larger crowd at its 6 am daf yomi. The fact that fifty people are curious about adultery warrants a newspaper story? The behavior of these fifty people says something about Orthodox Judaism? About our values? About our tolerance for adultery? Did the Post even confirm that these fifty site members are Jewish? Maybe they're all Methodists.

The whole thing is a stupid non-issue, and the story should have never been published. Its dumb, slanderous, sensationalist crap. Had it appeared in the New York Times, I assure you that RW Jewish bloggers and Rabbis would be going apoplectic - and with good reason - but will the Post lose even a single Jewish subscription?

Probably not.

P.S Why did I post this? In the hope that anyone searching for ends up here, and discovers that the site is not representative of Orthodoxy or Judaism.

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