Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saluting a haredi Rabbi (Don't smirk: I've done it many times before)

Today, this blog salutes, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, head of decorum at the Western Wall.

According to the JP, Rabbi Rabinovitch has gone on the record stating his intention to ban the Pope from the Western Wall plaza if the Pope attempts to enter the site wearing a crucifix.

How neat is that? And for how many different reasons? For starters, this Pope is a baal chutzpah, who has cavalierly insulted Muslims and Jews and then acted indifferent to the offense he caused. He was "only quoting a 14th century emperor" when he incited international riots? He was "unaware" when he rehabilitated a holocaust-denying bishop, and a society that was established on the notion that the rest of the Church was wrong when it belatedly decided that the Jews didn't kill Jesus? Pu-lease.

Benny is also the proud spiritual and institutional descendant of Popes who routinely insulted and slandered Jews. The lists of Jew-hating Popes includes, but is not limited to:

(a) the baby-stealing Pius 9
(b) the deaf-mute do-nothing Holocaust Pope, Pius 12;
(c) and John Paul 2, who notwithstanding the sycophant salutes he received upon his passing, will always be remembered by me as the guy who knighted Kurt Waldheim, and also thought baby-stealing Pius 9 and deaf-mute do-nothing Pius 12 were worthy of being remembered as Saints of the Catholic Church .

Until he repudiates the whole long list of holy, horrible men, I say he is unwelcome at the Kotel - crucifix or not - but kol hakovod Rabbi Rabinovitch for honoring the memory of the Papal victims by putting his foot down.

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