Thursday, March 05, 2009

Now a woman OWNS the clubhouse?

TTBOMK a woman has never been admitted as a student at the famed Ponevich Yeshiva, nor are there any women on the faculty. But, per Jameel, a woman now owns the whole place.

The "last will and testament" was revealed yesterday...a tiny piece of paper...which bequeathed the entire yeshiva, building, property, financial assets of the yeshiva...and even the coveted name of Director of the Ponovitch Rivka Kahaneman the widow of R' Kahaneman . (source in Hebrew)

I'm not sure what this means, but I doubt it indicates that the Yeshiva Community is especially progressive. It may indicate that the previous owner had a credit problem, and solved the problem by putting the place in his wife's name, but I don't think that's especially likely, either. Anyway, in what sense does a single, solitary person OWN something as big, and as important, as Ponevich?

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