Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do not let them give your child an inferior education.


Subject: Do not let them give your child an inferior education.

I am currently a student in a prominent (but becoming very inferior) haredi yeshiva. I had big dreams. But then I saw what their secular studies department was. Instead of teaching some secular subjects they taught Judaic studies, which is illegal in their funding laws. Most, if not all haredi institutions do not offer high school courses that will help your son get into college. I know somebody (I am related to him) who had straight A's, not a B on his record, and where did he go to? TOURO COLLEGE! Not because he wanted to go there, because he did not have a choice because of his inferior high school education.

Now you may ask, but if you get good grades and SAT scores why would it make a difference where you go for high school?

Answer: Some schools require certain course be taken in high school. For instance, this is how I stack up in "classes taken" for NYU's admission requirements.

I am very happy to see new Jewish "public schools" or better known as charter schools in Florida and New York. Thank God my school is losing students by the year (soon to be me), and I hope before you consider sending your son or daughter to a haredi yeshiva, to think how you will be making their college search tougher, and more emotional then it is for every other student in this country. Think, maybe co-ed is not anti-Torah (which it surely is not), and offer a better gateway to life, because the world is not separate!

I hope you have taken my advise, and do not make the same mistakes my parents did.

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