Monday, March 23, 2009

First Mention: Birchas Hachama, the Sun Blessing

In this new and occasional feature, DovBear looks at the New York Time's first mention of various subjects of interest. Previously

Today: Birchas Hachama, the blessing made once every 28 years, which will be made again on April 8, 2009

First Appeared: April 8, 1897

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Neat things to notice and remark upon:

1. The paper's near-Himalayan condescension to the Irish police officer. I love snootiness.

2. Speaking of Himalayan condescension, do you think the fact that so many NY Jews kept this ritual in EIGHTEEN NINETY SEVEN will do anything to blunt Bray's constant claim that Judaism in America was non-existent before his holy shtel dwellers arrived after World War II?

3. Also, be sure to catch the paper's polite regard for the Jews, and their ceremony.

Puzzled about Birchas Hachama? Wondering why Jews make a blessing once every 28 years? Find answers to all your questions about the sun blessing here.

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