Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Urban bubbe mayses

Kylopod's Blog: Urban bubbe mayses is a nice post from Klypod about a dumb site attempting to be the Jewish Snopes. Ho hum. It's a nice idea, but unless it provides a rapid response to the dumb stories the float around the mikva (i.e. like this post) I don't see it taking off.

Speaking of bubbe meises... have we made any progress on the Hazon Ish's brain surgery sketch?


Fun fact to know and tell: A bubbe mayse has nothing to do with grandmothers. Cecil Roth in the the Standard Jewish Encyclopedia says the word relates to the first important Yiddish literary works, of which the most popular was the "Bovo Maaseh" a verse epic about the adventures of Bovo of Antona, composed in 1508 by Elija Levita. Over time, it became the Yiddish word for any tall tale.

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