Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trying To Force Your Chumrahs On Others

The "Oldtimer" writes:.

Check out a letter to the editor on page 69 of this week's Jewish Voice & Opinion by an M.C. Shiur of Brooklyn, NY.

He is telling the editor, Susan R. Rosenblum, that she must change her policy and no longer publish photos of women, even though they may be modestly dressed according to the halochos of Tznius. In particular Mr. Shiur was disturbed by an advertisement that was placed by Touro College for an "open house" that showed female students. One of those students was wearing a ring, which Mr. Shiur assumed was a wedding ring, and did not appear to have her hair covered.

I personally think that it is the height of Chutzpah for this man who obviously comes from a Chareidi background in Brooklyn, to attempt to dictate to Mrs. Rosenblum how she should run her newspaper. The Jewish Post & Opinion caters to a "Modern Orthodox" constituency in both, Bergen and parts of Rockland County and as long as the photos meet Young Israel type halachic standards she has every right to publish them without fear of intimidation by the kanoim.

If Mr. Shiur is offended by these photos of fully clothed women, he can either end his subscription to Mrs. Rosenblums paper, or keep quiet. But he has no right to try to impose Boro Park standards on Teaneck.

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Old Timer

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