Monday, December 22, 2008

Mee K'amcha Yisroel?

Open thread on the barbarians who beat up Jewish girls in Bet Shemesh

Chew on this: Again and again I have heard from Haredi types about how indifferent the world is to Jewish suffering. "What do you expect? Just a Jew," they say, with knowing bitterness whenever a bus bombing or some other attack on Jews gets less than a banner headline from the New York Times.

Well, this weekend three Jewish girls were attacked in Bet Shemesh by a band of hooligan Haredim. Already working on your excuses and explanations? Secretly hoping this will quietly go away?

Well, shame on you and here's your medicine: Imagine the attackers were Arabs and not Heredim. Forget about banner headlines and a UN investigation. You'd want heads on sticks. Well? What's the damn difference?

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