Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shock Development: Iranians Devlop Interest in Justice

The Iranians have decided to try the Israeli Leadership for "Genocide against Humanity". Presumably the name of the 'crime' is coined because if they were killing us they would only be guilty of genocide (a lesser offence it seems).

I don't like what we are doing in Gaza, although I accept it must be done. But the hypocrisy of this step is mind boggling, even by current Iranian standards. I can't wait to see how western democracies respond. I'm sure everyone will condemn this as the muck-raking it is, and treat it as a joke. Or not.

Meanwhile, I do wonder whether a unilateral ceasefire (as proposed by David Grossman) isn't a good idea. That way we gain some plaudits and everyone can assess the damage. Without it, we have to live up to the aims set out which seem to me to be unrealisable without a ground incursion, and probably unachievable even then.

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