Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Keys to the Asylum

Have been given to the lunatics!

In what might be considered begging, Lurker asked the Ba'al Hablog to please, pretty please, post his comments about the 'excuses' I made for the Israeli Police Force. Unsurprisingly the answer was no, but Lurker was invited to do it himself. I was given a like opportunity to deal with his stance.

My own take on the row about the police force is that anyone interested (with the possible exception of Ira) is capable of following a link and will by now have done so. Why Lurker should wish to inflict his views on anyone not interested enough to do that is beyond me. But it's a free country, so he cannot - and ought not - to be stopped. So, I say bring it on. Just to set the scene, The Lurky One avowed that all Israeli Policeman were 'twisted criminals'. I was rather upset by that. I have a cousin who is one of my closest friends. He carries - literally - the scars inflicted by a device which went off whilst, in his capacity as one of the aforesaid 'twisted criminals', he attempted to defuse a bomb and thus ensure the safety of Lurker and his fellow Israeli citizens. Lurker felt unable to amend his point of view to exclude people like that. The rest is history...

I am more than happy to explain why I dislike Lurker's take on Israel and the world generally. However, as this was his idea it seems only fair to give him the first shot. It will be nice to hear him say what he stands for and believes in. In his comments he merely complains and takes shots at those he dislikes, but I am confident that he will take this opportunity to say freely and fearlessly what sort of society he wants, what principles he espouses and what he does to act on his beliefs. Then we can have a little think...

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