Sunday, December 14, 2008

God's Spokespeople

A Guest Post by Rafi G.
(originally posted on LII)

One thing about Neturei Karta is that they have the ability to look at everything and anything in a completely different way than every other Jew in the world.

Chabad has become a fairly controversial organization. Mostly because of the "Meshichist" stream within it, and because of them even "non-Meshichists" are often suspect, and thereby fairly tainted.

One thing universally agreed upon by everyone, practically, is that despite the meshichists withion Chabad, and despite the issues that make people not like them for various reasons, they do amazing work around the world.

They send shlichim to every far flung country and city where they know a jew might go to travel or live. They open up their homes to strangers, no matter how religious or non-religious they might be, and give them a taste of home, provide kosher food, shabbos, a religious experience, whatever.

No matter how much criticism you throw at Chabad for other things, you will generally praise them on that.

Neturei Karta has found the reason for the Mumbai tragedy in the Chabad House. And they have blamed it on Chabad opening their homes and allowing "mechalelai shabbes" and "ochlei treifos" to sit and eat with "shomrei shabbos" and "ochleo kosher".

That along with the fact that Chabad works together with the Zionist entity.

Together, that is the recipe for a major terrorist attack killing everyone inside the Chabad House.

The one thing that the whole world praises Chabad for, no matter what they think of Chabad on any other issue, and Neturei Karta says in Gods name that that is the cause of terror and death.

It takes a special talent...

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