Monday, December 22, 2008

Poll 1 Results

What shall I call my next book?

:: The Power of DovBear: A furious collection of his angriest posts (4)

:: Cross at Cross Currents: A meticulous take down of the world's worst blog (10)

:: Bear Naked: Your favorite blogger tells all (10)

:: How I made GH: The story of how I made GH (2)

:: The Clone Wars: A history of the SM/Lurker rivalry (14)
(SM says: I would call it: "Lurking in the Shadows: A History of SM's Attempts to Bring Miserable Fanatics into the Sunlight of Reason."
Lurker replies, "I would call it: Judge Dread: Lurker's Struggle Against Insanity on the Bench.")

:: Havdala Consciousness: An aid for the sleep deprived (6)

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