Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How do was Mishpacha Magazine fight immodesty?

With lies.

Apparently, the gurus running the popular Charedi family magazine think that fabricating a picture, and lying about what occurred at a White House event is morally superior to publishing a photograph of a modestly dressed woman.

And no, we're not making this up.

As Akiva reports, the magazines publishers removed first lady Laura Bush from a picture. Beneath it, they printed an incomplete, nonsensical caption. Suffice it to say, Lady Laura was decently dressed, showing less skin than you might see at a typical Charedi wedding.

This crooked Mishpacha Magazine morality is too similar to the braniac belief of some yeshiva administrators that missing tefilla b'tzibur is preferable to praying with no hat - my own cousin was once sent home to fetch his head covering and forced to miss out on the blessing chazal say attend to one who prays with a quorum.

It also reminds me of how certain Jewish communties are built on the belief that lying to the government is superior to becoming educated and/or finding honest work, or how various Jewish kiruv organizations will pay any price, bear any burden, and tell any lie in order to win converts to the chosen sub sect, of the chosen sect, or the chosen faith, of the chosen people.

How did we get so stupid? Am novon v'chacham my hiney.

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