Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Missing his moment to be a mentch

According to the papers, the man who hurled his footware at the president has suffered a broken arm and ribs, as well as injuries to an eye and a leg after being beaten by security officials.

All the president has said (corrections welcome) is that he has "no hard feelings" Meanwhile, the lunatics who work on stations like Fox are praising the president's character, and remarking on how graceful he looked as he ducked the shoe.

They are are sycophants and simpletons.

What the president should do is denounce the way his assailant has been treated at the hands of the Iraqi police. He should criticize the abusers. He should call for an inquiry. He should insist that the beatings stop.

Of course, the president will likely respond that he's unauthorized to meddle in Iraqi affairs... to which a wit might respond: "Yes, well, that's what got you a shoe in the face in the first place."

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