Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chareidi uh oh

Chareido is the newest, new Yeshiva World News, and the first thing I noticed upon arriving at their site was this:

Militants Fire Rockets from Gaza
Militants?! Militants?! Dont you mean "terrorists" or, perhaps, "doglike, foul-smelling terrorists beasts?" How can you make any claim on being a legitimate supplier of Charedified news and information if your morality is going to be so muddled? As Yakov Menken, your distinguished competitor for the minds of the Haredi masses, put it, "Words matter, and the distortion of language can and will affect our ability to confront evil. If we don’t call them terrorists, we’re not going to fight them as terrorists."

Hear hear! And, of course, Yaakov is right about this, just as he is right about everything. Whenever I see the word "militant" of "gunmen" in a newspaper, my capacity to fight "terrorists as terrorists" vanishes at once. Instead, I'm hit with an overhwelming desire to shower the nearest mass murderer with flowers and ice cream.

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