Monday, December 22, 2008

The following was written by SM in response to excuses being made on behalf of the Bet Shemesh Hooligans

12 Step Excuse Programme

1. This did not happen. It is only anecdotal.

2. If it did happen then it is because these girls started it and the defenders went too far.

3. If we did start it, it was because of what they wore/said/did which was deliberately provocative.

4. It is all hugely overstated and exaggerated and the poor girls have fallen into the hadns of political fanatics who are Hitler in disguise.

5. Hey - some people want to get beaten up. Unfortunately these girls have bizarre fantasies and begged to be hit. Some immature youths obliged.

6. These people were not from our community, but were dressed as if they were in order to encourage hatred.

7. If these people were from our community they are one or two youths who have gone off the derech due to circumstances beyond their families control. If the state provided proper benefits to familes with 15 children this would never have happened.

8. If it is more than one or two youths it was mass hysteria caused by a misunderstanding of what a very junior teacher at their Yeshiva has said. That person is now teaching cheder. What do you mean he likes young boys?

9. If this was due to something they have been taught by someone respectable they have misunderstood his lesson out of excessive zeal, which is actually praiseworthy. They have been gently corrected but their middot are excellent and they would not have acted this way unless provoked beyond endurance. Remember Pinchas.

10. It may be that one of these youths should not have been in the Yeshiva he was in and therefore sought the admiration of his classmates in an inappropriate way. His parents have been spoken to and he is now in a less demanding environment. He is sorry and as soon as the girls have learned to dress appropriately and acquired a chaperone he is willing to apologise personally.

11. Every barrel is allowed one or two bad apples. This is an unfortunate incident but it will not recurr.

12. This is our fault. Sorry.

No one has ever got to stage 12.

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Anonymous said...

There are two sides to every story least.

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