Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fla finally closes the book on the Walsh killing

A guest post by TikunOlam
I can imagine nothing more horrible than parents losing their child to a serial killer. And I can imagine nothing more courageous than what John Walsh did when he lost his 6 year old son Adam. In 1981 Adam was taken from a mall and his severed head was later found in a Florida canal about 120 miles away from that mall.
John Walsh started the show "America's Most Wanted" which directly led to countless arrests and the recovery of many victims. His activism led to the creation of missing persons departments in every sizable police department in the country, helped propel the use of milk cartons and shopping bags as tools to find missing persons and pushed legislation for fingerprinting programs and increased security in schools.
Today, the Adam Walsh case is finally closed. Police are satisfied that a serial killer who died over ten years ago killed Adam Walsh. I hope this day, with the closing of this case more than 27 years later, helps the Walsh family find some peace.
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