Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yom Ha'Azmaut Sameach

A guest post by TikunOlam

Just wanted to take the time to thank all who have sacrificed big and small, chiloni to chareidi, chayalim to talmidim to build and establish the State of Israel or, if you prefer, Eretz Yisroel. So whether you are like me and wearing blue and white today and woke up your son singing the Hatikvah, or you are saying Hallel with or without a bracha, or not at all, Chag Sameach (and if it is not a "chag" for you - just hope you have a good day).

[DB: For those who might care, I do not say Halel (or tachanun)) My reasons are outlined here in a post written in 2005 that bears the distinction of being the only DovBear post to which Gil Student of Hirhurim has ever linked.

In my view, Yom Haaztmaut is a local Purim, of the kind Jews have always extablished to celebrate their deliverance from various tyrants and anti-Semites. Anyone who benefits from the state (in particular the Haredim who, truth be told, benefit more than anyone) shold participate in the observance, perhaps not with Halel, but with the festive meals (Seudat Hoda) typical of the local Purim.]

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