Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jews in the News

Did you know that an Israeli manages one of Britain's top soccer teams?

Money quote (from the BBC)

Grant was even applauded by Chelsea fans who, while not exactly warming to him, must surely respect him more with every passing week.

The Israeli then revealed his own very personal emotions that had provided the backdrop to the greatest moment of his professional career.

He said: "Today was Holocaust day in my country, and I will be making a visit to Auschwitz tomorrow. This was a special day for me. Hard but very special.

"My father, who survived the Holocaust, buried my grandfather with his own hands, so this day always has an extra significance.

"My father was the most optimistic and strong person I have ever known, so to reach the Champions League final today of all days was unbelievable."

It was a moving and dignified tribute that emphasised the inner strength of a man who has received scant praise, but could yet provide Chelsea with their most glorious moment.

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