Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looks like those activist judges got it right

Californians support gay marriage: A majority of registered Californian voters oppose changing the constitution of the most populous U.S. state to bar gays from marrying, according to poll released on Wednesday.

Though I am pleased to see that the people of California, for all their faults, aren't gay-hating whack-jobs, I don't think this question should be decided by the people. Some rights are inalienable. I don't need the people to affirm my right to life and liberty, and the gay citizens of this country don't need permission to "pursue happiness" when the happiness they wish to pursue harms no one. When there are no victims, the state must remain neutral on questions of theology and morality. The fact that you think God hates gays, doesn't authorize you to impose that belief on anyone who disagrees. You don't have any evidence. You might be wrong. And the fact that you might be wrong, requires you to be silent on the subject, in part because your own silence helps to ensure that your own strange proclivities will be met with the same sort of polite indifference.

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