Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My other insight of the day

If Idol-worshippers-of-America were to establish a church and ask for the same government benefits synagogues receive they would (a) get them; and (b) not one right winger would object. [In fact, its likely the RWers who write and comment at the two worst blogs in the world (take a guess) would subject us to all sorts of pious twaddle about how marvelous it is to have Faith, and about how we Jews and Idol-worshippers-of-America share loads of common ground and should work together to help Israel, oppress homosexuals, and bring prayer back to the public schools.]

My insight (see title) is that there is zero difference between the government treating the Idol-worshippers-of-America facility like it treats synagogues and treating homosexual unions like it treats marriage. Both idol worship and sodomy are Big 3 issurim, and if we, the Torah Jews, are going to gnash our teeth and write our congresspeople when the govt. even contemplates recognizing homosexual unions, how do we explain our collective shrug when the government recognizes religions that are unquestionably False? (And I'm not even talking about Catholicism with its Man-God and Ghost-God, or the various other Christian sects who worship the Man-God alone. I know some authorities think all that is a-ok so long as they also have a God-God. I'm talking about the religions that out and out worship idols, like Hinduism and various Island faiths, yet receive the full support and sanction of the American government with nary a sigh of discontent from the same Jews who scream about homosexual unions.

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