Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Refuah Shlayma Senator Kennedy

The reprehensible human beings who make the Yeshiva World go round are dancing on poor Ed Kennedy's grave -- and he's not even dead yet.

Of special interest is the regurgitated nonesense about the Kennedy family curse. As the story goes [some famous rabbi*] put a curse on Old Joe Kennedy because [of something he did to offend the Rabbi**] As a result, bad things happen to the Kennedys -- though to date they've remained plenty rich, plenty powerful and plenty good-looking.

Of course the people who gleefully spread that story don't ever seem distressed by the fact that (a) curses don't work; (b) it's a very petty Rabbi indeed who'd curse a whole generation of Kennedys becuase of something their father did; and (c) the story basicly accuses the Rabbi, whoever he was, of commiting multiple homocides.

Ah well. That's the Yeshiva World for you. Shtark, but dumb as dirt.

Kasha for the learned mystics among us: Why was it okay for that Rabbi to murder the offspring of someone who had offended him; also can the murder only be done via magic? Because, hey, people offend me all the time and if murdering their children is an option, that's information I should have.

* Who the Rabbi was varies depending on who is regurgitating the nonesense. At Yeshiva World you'll see its attributed to several different people.

** What Old Joe allegedly did also varies.

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