Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Something absurd from the YeshivaWorld blog?

From Suleiman:

Dovbear - Have you seen this absurd piece: [link]
Suleiman 05.07.08 - 8:43 am #

No, Suleiman, I had not seen it; now that I have, I feel the malign influence of it on my soul (assuming I have one, that is.) And the comments, naturally, aren't much better.

The post itself is about why Charedim ignore the memorial sirens, and the author and commenters trot out all all the bad excuses. All tragedies belong to Tisha Bav (So what about the other fast days, Kaf Sivan, Sfira, Yizkor, and Yartzeit observances?) We Charedim think about the kedoshim every day. (Congratulations; why does that permit you to offend the sensibilities of virtually every non-Charedi Jew in the world? We're just asking you to keep your mouth shut for sixty seconds. Surely you can manage that.) Judaism doesn't permit new rituals. (Untrue; anyway, no one is claiming the moment of silence is religious in nature.)

Those of you who have been reading DovBear this week and understand that Orthodox Judaism has always introduced new memorial days, and memorial rituals are invited to don your HazMat suits and attempt to explain this to the blockheaded members of the YeshivaWorld.

I wish you luck.

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