Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SwiftBoat Watch!

YeshivaWorld is a disgrace. They've printed Obama's Auschwitz error, but not the obvious, and self-evidently true explanation. He was talking about his great-uncle, not his uncle, and because he's a black man of Kenyan descent, and not a Jew of Eastern European descent, he confused the names of the death camps. Not the biggest deal. How many of you can recite any of the facts of Kenyan history?

Unfortunately, the real story here isn't Obama's mistake, but the venality of the Republicans who are attempting to exploit what even your more intelligent barn-yard animals understand was a benign error. We shouldn't be surprised. We saw what the Swift-boat liars did to poor John Kerry, the war hero. We saw how poor Al Gore got himself roasted alive for providing an awkwardly phrased, yet factually correct account of his role in the development of the Internet. [Note to Fox News addicts: He never claimed to have "invented" anything.] And now its Obama's turn. Can't Republicans, for once, try to win a presidential election without using lies to demolish their opponents?

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