Thursday, May 29, 2008

More obnoxious Jews on the far right of OJ

Rubashkin, one of the largest glatt packing plants, is managed/owned/operated by a bunch of unethical lawbreakers who hire illegal aliens, and have been charged with using inhumane methods of slaughter, and of being unsanitary, unsafe, and unfair to its employees. There are also allegations that the method of shchita used at the plant is not halachic.

In response, a prominent Washington D.C. Rabbi has publicly asked his local Vadd to investigate the matter, and to provide assurances that the meat Rubashkin sells is kosher.

To normal people this is a reasonable - even responsible -request. But not to the lovely people who read and write at Circus Tent, where the Rabbi's point and argument are being ignored, and he is instead being subjected to the lowest and most vile sorts of ad hom attacks. And why? Because he's clean shaven. (Yes, like the Ramchal who also wore no beard ---though don't hold your breath waiting for these phonies to throw out their mesilas yesharim.)

This is another example of tribalism. It's Kolko all over again. As the pile of evidence against that reprehensible pedophile was growing higher and higher we heard from men who dress like him, and from men who talk like him, who all urged us to to ignore the facts, who told us the case against Kolko was the work of the Jew-hating media. They were wrong, but they helped a monster escape justice. Now the Lubovs at Agriprocessors are on the hot seat, so of course the Lubovs at Circus Tent are running interference. Don't even consider the evidence, they say. Ignore the facts. There's nothing to see here. After all the arguments are being made by a Modern Orthodox Rabbi.

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