Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

Yes, my friends it really has been five years since Smirky McBunnyPants dressed up like a naval ace and strutted across the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln. In commemoration, let's try another DovBear poll: Which of the following is the strongest evidence that this nation is filled with untreated psychotics?

The widespread acceptance of the idea that W...

1: effete former cheerleader is some kind of tough guy.

2: ...a draft-dodger and a drunk, had a more valorous and patriotic youth then those men who actually went to war such as Al Gore and John Kerry.

3: ...made this country safer, despite presiding over the loss of a major American city, and the worst attack ever carried out against American citizens.

4: ...the first president to call for a Palestenian state and the employer of a secretary state who frequently hugs Mahmoud Abbas is "Israel's best friend ever."

5: ...could execute hundreds of Texans, and allow the extrajudicial torture and extrajudicial imprisonment of thousands while also being "pro-life."

Anything else?

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