Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More on how pre-war American Orthodoxy was "withering"

I did an NYT archive search for the word Yeshiva, and related terms.

Some of what I found in barely 6 seconds:

DEATH OF CHIEF RABBI JACOB JOSEPH.; Highest Official in Orthodox Jewish Religion in America -- Pray... Chief Rabbi Jacob Joseph of the United Jewish Congregations, the highest official in the orthodox Jewish religion in the United States, died at 11:45 o'clock last night in his home, at 263 Henry Street. He had been an invalid from paralysis for two years....
[July 29, 1902] [which provoked a riot at his funeral which 50,000 Jews attended]

STEP TO RESTRICT RABBINICAL DIVORCES; Orthodox Union Urges English-Speaking Rabbis for Children. Dr... The third annual convention of the Union of Orthodox Congregations of the United States and Canada was held in the First Roumanian Synagogue, in Rivington Street, yesterday. About 100 delegates, representing as many congregations, were present. [June 22, 1903]

More than 1,200 persons, including many rabbinical and lay leaders of orthodox Jewry, attended the $1,000 dinner of the Yeshiva of America at the Hotel Astor last night. The $1,000 cover charge was said to be the highest ever exacted for any communal dinnr [May 1925]

More than 10,000 people crowded the public square at Grand Street and Fast Eroadway yesterday morning for the funeral of Rabbi Solomon Polyacheck, Professor of Talmud in the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and Yeshiva College, 301 East Broadway [July 11, 1928]

AMPORT EULOGIZED AT DOUBLE SERVICES; Many Mourn Leader of Orthodox Judaism at Funeral Rites--About 1,000 mourners filled to capacity the chapel of the Orthodox Jewish Centre, 131 West Eiglity-sixth Street, yesterday morning at the funeral services for Nathan Lamport, a leader of orthodox Judaism and founder of the Lamport Manufacturing Company, View free preview [August 16, 1928]

ORTHODOX RABBIS CONVENE; Five-Day Work Week Urged to Enable Jews to Observe Sabbath. The opening session of the three days' convention of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations was held last night at Temple Ohab Zedek, 118 West Ninety-fifth Street, with delegates from every part of the country attending [November 20, 1927]

300,000 IS ADDED TO YESHIVA FUND; Many Gifts Announced at Dinner of Leaders -- More than $300,000 in additional contributions was raised at a dinner of the National Yeshiva Committee last night at the Hotel Astor. The largest single contributor was Nathan Lamport, who advanced his previous gift of $100,000 to $200,000. Louis Gold ad...View free preview [May 2, 1927]

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