Friday, December 22, 2006

Who's response was it?

The Hayom blog writes:

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, a renowned educator and writer, has written an excellent piece on abuse in the frum community. His article has been linked to by many JBloggers, including good old DovBear.

Now, DovBear had been very critical of Agudah in the past for not being at the forefront dealing with the issue. Considering that Rabbi Horowitz is the director of Project Y.E.S. which is a project of Agudath Israel of America and that this article appeared on [what appeared to be] Project Y.E.S.' website, I, along with another commenter, pointed out to DB that he should be crediting Agudah for publishing such a courageous article. My impression of the [Yaakov Horowitz] site being an Agudah site was based on this graphic that appeared at the bottom of the page: (click here)

Well, apparently someone somewhere [ie: at Yakkov Horowitz Headquarters] was not too happy about this insinuation. The bottom of the website has been modified sometime in the last 18 hours. It now reads: (click here)

Things that make you go hmmmm.

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