Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Mainstream RW Racists

Bored? Go read Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim in which Fox News contributor, and mainstream RW pundit Debbie Schlussel argues that Barak Obama's middle name is an excellent reason to distrust him.

I agree, but, alas, Debbie stops too soon. Her argument has a logical conclusion, which she refuses to draw, so allow me: Debbie Schlussel: Once a Nazi, Always a Nazi.

Not convinced? Why, the logic, taken entirely from Debbie's recent column, is prefectly infalliable. She has a German-sounding surname! I mean, people, come on! When we're fighting the war of our lives against eeeeevil terrorists who manage to kill fewer people each year than car accidents, should we allow someone with a name like Schlussel to be running around on the loose? Send her to Gitmo, I say!

PS: Somebody go crack Debbie's head open and see if there's anything inside.

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