Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Safran's Gaffe

When a reporter asks for comment about a violent crime, the textbook response is to express sympathy for the victims, along with the hope that the accused has his fair day in court. Avi Shafran's now-famous refusal to comment deviated from that script.

I believe that by refusing to comment Safran inadvertently told the truth: (pundits call this a Kinsley gaffe) It think its obvious from Safran's tone deaf "no-comment" that he and the Agudah wish Kolko and his case would just go away. This is an abdication of responsibility, plain and simple, and it must be denounced from every street corner.

An unethical soul has published his correspondance with Avi Shafran, and it's crystal clear that Avi Shafran, the individual --in the letters he isn't speaking for Agudah-- has reprehensible priorities. Gay parades in Jerusalem? They must be stopped! Money must be spent! Noise must be made! Resources must be rallied! But, a man with 25 years worth of child abuse accusations swirling around his head? Eh... the all-knowing, all-seeing Rabbis can take care of it privately, so run along, nothing to see here.

I've deleted the previous paragraph, including the linkto Shafran's letter, not because I think posting it was unethical- in fact I am certain that I did nothing wrong - but because I dont want to become the story. The villian here is Shafran, and he should be the focus of your ire. Not me.

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