Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Akiva and the War on Christmas

By Akiva of Mystical Paths

In the midst of the current Iraq debacle, the Baker report and instant turning of the US position of supporting Israel into Israel The Liability (or, How To Make Oil Friends and Influence Dictators), the seeming loss of control of his own administration by Da Prez (Defense Secretary candidate makes policy statements 100% against the presidents, and the president's political allies vote against him, like, if that's not a political coup I don't know what is), and the Democratic Party election success and takover of the Congress (which should lead the a major liberal shift in much of public policy stance), we have the Xmas War.

Over the last couple of years I've argued with Mr. DB about his inane support of the liberals and his constant warning of the hidden danger of empowering the xian conservatives vis-a-vi religion in public. Nothing to fear, I said, that battle ended long ago, moderation in the public square is the norm. What's wrong with giving everyone a reasonable chance?

And DB would respond, these people are fanatics, they don't want reasonable, give them an inch and they'll take it all. Yeah right, I would respond, America is past that.

Or not. As this article shows the fanatics have gained control of the ship, Jews are to blame for it all, reasonableness is gone. In the midst of all the above, this is just nuts. Or, rather, it's just fanatical.

Oy, just like DB said. Meah culpa.

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