Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cross-Currents abdication of responsibility watch

The entire Orthodox world - blogs included - have been buzzing about the arrest of Yehuda Kolko, with one exception: Cross Currents. To date, they have not written a single word about Kolko. Not one.

Wearing boots, goggles, and rubber gloves I waded through the last 6 weeks worth of posts on Cross Currents to see what sort of stories have been capturing their imagination instead. This is what I found:

9 posts on the Gay Parade
3 posts on the threatened boycott of El Al
2 posts on adulterer/liar/homosexual Minister Ted Haggart, and why Cross Currents loves him
2 posts on why Democrats are (or are not) Anti-Semites
2 posts on Intelligent Design
1 post on the Seattle Airport's Christmas Tree

The balance of the posts are largely about personal or hashkafic issues. Gedalya Litke, for example, regales us about his recent trip to Berlin. Shira Schmidt shares the dirt from a schlarly conference she recently attended. Yaakov Mencken urges us to vote, and celebrates the Mishna Berurah's 100's birthday. Yitazchak Alderstan attempts to say something nice about Nancy Pelosi, and for his trouble is raked over the coals by the heaven-fearing Jews who comment at Cross Currents. in another post RA calls everyone's attention to the new issue of Jewish action and (cough, cough) the articles written by Cross Currents contributors. And so on.

All this detritus, and not one word about Kolko.

Look: I don't expect Cross Currents to engage in scandal mongering (unless the scandal involves a liberal Jew, of course) I am just surprised that the scolds who file posts at Cross Currents have managed to keep themselves from wagging even a mild and halfhearted finger - if not at Kolko, who of course, is officially innocent until proven guilty, than at the system that allowed 25-years worth of accusations to be rebuffed. They are full of suggestions when Conservative Judaism is contemplating the ordination of homosexuals, and not one good idea crosses their mind when it seems a sexual predator has been on the loose for three decades? Even, when the good people of Boro Park rioted last spring, Cross Currents tentativly suggested that their behavior was not in keeping with the Torah. What is keeping them from making the same sort of peircing observation about Kolko?

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