Friday, December 01, 2006

Midless Medved

Michael Medved's review of the penguin movie, Happy Feet, is mostly his usual "liberals-in-Hollywood-hate-you" droning.

As an added bonus, the same man who complimented March of the Pengins last year for "passionately affirm[ing] traditional norms like monogamy, sacrifice and child rearing" has changed his tune. He currently thinks it's a darn awful shame that the "most endearing denizens of Antarctica [have] become targets and instruments of powerful propaganda.

In short, March is good propoganda because it shows penguins raising children. Happy, on the other hand, is bad propoganda, because it suggests penguins are threatened by polution and global warming.

The rest of the review is whining about how Hollywood doesn't make good family cartoons like it once did, and I agree: Those wholesome old Disney films never showed anything evil like: dead parents, threat of abandonment or death, vicious grabs for power, juvenile delinquency, drug usage, lying, evolution, jealousy, gluttony and miscegenation, disrespect for parents, or a single woman living in sin with seven men.

Anyway, a guy who loved Passion of the Torture as much as Michael did, really has no right to complain about Hollywood values.

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