Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Take 2

I'm writing this in haste, and with a head full of emotions, so I will probably get the tone wrong, but I need to respond to those of you who are saying here and elsewhere[*] that my apology wasn't good enough.

That hurts (and perhaps I deserve to be hurt). I meant my apology sincerley and absolutely and it disturbs me no end that some people aren't taking it that way.

So let me try again:

Twleve of my posts have passages in them that first appeared elsewhere. I am responsible for this. I make no excuses. I apologize.

And as for the idea, floated by Mr. Averich that there are more examples of plagarism waiting to be found, I say this: Dig away. Please. If there are more posts with problems I want to own up to them and correct them, but if there are not, I want you to stop the veiled accusations. Please.

[*]I very much appreciate that Robert Averich admitted his negative pre-disposition towards me because of my politics and style of blogging. Other's weren't so straightforward.

PS: I am asking Alex and my other supporters to resist the urge to defend me on this thread. If you catch an outright fabrication, or an expecially ungenerous remark, by all means correct it. If you catch someone maximizing what I did, by all means provide the proper context. But, please do not attempt to minimize the crime. Thank you.

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