Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My favorite Kolel story

There are two hopping threads about Kolel currently on the blog. One (written by Rabbi Yosef Blau) very serious; the other not so much. In their honor, I share this maasa she haya: [Note: Like all maasa she hayas this story probably is not true.]

A kolel guy shows up on Rav Moshe's doorstep and says, "Hey, I found this great loophole that will save me thousands on my taxes. Can I use it?"

Rav Moshe reviews the ins and outs of the scheme and gives his answer:"No."

The guy objects, saying: "But I'm in kollel. Learning. Ensuring the continued existance of the world. If you letr me use this loophole I can save thousands of dollars and I can stay in kollel, where I am LEARNING. All right?"

Rav Moshe says, "No."

Now the guy is screaming. "Come on, please. I'm in kollel. I really need the money."

Replies Rav Moshe, "The Torah says lo tignov, not lo ta'avod."

[remember the greedy]

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