Friday, December 08, 2006

Dumb Dennis

CA writes:
"It appears that Mr. Dennis Prager is too late. Our nation has already been defiled with an assault on our Judaeo-Christan values. A Federal official has already sworn their oath of office using the G-dless Koran.
As you may know, Dennis has been racing in front of every TV camera he can find to denounce Keith Ellison for saying he'd like to be sworn in with a Koran. According to Prager, "If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book [the Bible], don’t serve in Congress." He went on to claim that Jews have, in the past, used the New Testament for their swearing-in ceremonies and, for reasons known only to Prager and perhaps the Cross-loving Jews who support him, he found this act of religious treason laudable.

Now it turns out that Dennis was wrong. Previously, a Muslim official used the Koran for ceremonial purposes at a meanigless ceremony, and the earth remained in its orbit.

Call me a crazy liberal, with dashing yet soulful eyes, but I believe that if a member of one of the major world religion wants to use his own religion’s sacred text when he is sworn into office, America will survice. I guess I just have a little more faith in this country than Mr. Prager does. (Then again, I also believe that Christianity will survive even if Best Buy uses the phrase “Happy Holidays” in its advertising instead of “Merry Christmas,” so maybe I’m hopelessly optimistic.)

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