Friday, December 08, 2006

Who hates Jews?

The brainless among us (psss. Joe. I mean folks like you) imagine that the New York Times has a beat-reporter assigned specifically to stories that embaress Orthodox Jews. You've all heard the chatter at sholosh seudot: The Times hates us.... Beryl Mudcha got arrested again? I bet the Times is so happy.

At the other side of the spectrum in the popular imagination is News Corp, the company the runs Fox News. Swing a cat by its tail in any Jewish neighborhood and you'll hit at least five people who are certain Fox is honest, Fox is true, Fox is fair, Fox is pro-Israel, etc. In fact, a local Hasidic Rabbi once vicited my house to check his email, and while he was on the computer asked if he could also update himself on the news. He clicked to Fox. When I asked why, he said that Fox was likely to have modest photographs. [<--work safe, and funny]

For all these reasons and more, I am pleased to announce that the Ney York Times buried the Kolko story deep in the Metro section, and reported the case using language that was fair and dignified. Meanwhile, the Post, owned by News Corp, put is this way: BROOKLYN RABBI IN PERV BUST.

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