Friday, September 01, 2006

DovBear does it again

Well, it appears my blog has squatted and pushed a wet and shiny, slightly foul-smelling, new GH blog into existence. Joy to the world.

What I want to know now, before I commit myself to his new venture in the form of hat-tips and other segulahs, is this: Will he be funny?

Because if all GH plans to do is rehash and review all the many different reasons for the decline in his emunah, I'm going to stick with my back issues of the original GH blog that I helped to launch, co-wrote and spell-checked.

Other blogs that are ribs from the unbroken body of the bear
Shifra (she commented here before starting her own blog)
OrthoMom (ditto)
CWY (ditto)
Naphtuli (ditto)
Amshinover (rachma ltzlon, but ditto)
Chana (ditto)

I am sure there are others. Make yourselves known in the comment thread. Also... I'm too lazy to link you all, but if you still read DovBear (and why would you, now that you've got a big, important blog of your own) feel free to put your URLs in the comment thread.

Am I taking credit for the entire Jewish Blogosphere? Only if I can get away with it. Only if I can get away with it.

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