Saturday, September 09, 2006

Conservatives Hate Disney's Path to 911, Too

Jon Swift is a reasonable conservative who objects to the upcoming ABC movie about how Clinton personally ordered his wife to destroy the World Trade Center. Among the many inacuracies Swift finds in the movie is this one:
Apparently the director didn’t bother filming the scene where President Bush learns of the attacks while reading My Pet Goat to schoolchildren. How could they leave out one of the Bush’s greatest moments as President, the seven minutes when he sat there motionless and plotted out his entire strategy for the War on Terror in his head? Perhaps it wouldn’t have been very dramatic to film the President just sitting there for seven minutes but the filmmakers could have telescoped time a bit, as they claim to do in other scenes, and showed him sitting there for, say, four minutes. And I have not heard any mention of a scene showing Saddam Hussein planning the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Leaving out an important scene like that seems to me to be a big dramatic oversight, basically confusing the viewer by making the invasion of Iraq appear to be completely pointless.
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