Thursday, September 21, 2006

George Allen the Jew

CA writes:
It seems that dear, sweet Senator George Allen, son of the famous Washington Redskins football coach is actually a halachic Jew who grew up thinking he was a goy. And when someone reminded him of his heritage at a televised statewide debate, he went ballistic. I presume because being halachically Jewish would cause him problems with his KKK buddies.

The backstory is that his mom is a Tunisian Francophone Jew whose father (Sen. Allen's Zeideh) was imprisoned by the Nazis in WW2. So when Ma Allen came to America and married George Sr., she decided to hide her Jewish heritage so her son wouldn't have to worry about the American Gestapo rounding up young George Jr. and sending him to the camps. At least that's the story being put forth as of now by the Allen camp. Josh Marshall suspects that the more likely story is that Ma Allen decided to bury her Jewish heritage so as not to flip out George Sr.'s family when she decided to marry the shaygetz.

Now the Allen camp is accusing Mr. Webb, his opponent, of being "anti-semitic" because of the brouhaha, even though Webb isn't saying much of anything about it. Given the obvious pyschological projection being displayed here, I wonder how long it will be before he starts calling Mr. Webb (who I'm sure is a 100% erlicher frum goy) a "self-hating Jew." The best bit:
Speaking with The Times-Dispatch, Allen said the disclosure is "just an interesting nuance to my background." He added, "I still had a ham sandwich for lunch. And my mother made great pork chops."
Quite a statement for a halachic Jew to make. I think Senator Allen may not get written for a good year this Rosh Hashanna. I propose that we send him extra High Holiday tickets we might have, so he can be sure to go to shul and to proper teshuva. After all, his Jewish neshama is far more important than whether he gets re-elected to the Senate.
And what a puzzlement for Christ-loving Jews on the GOP right. Officially, the GOPJew loves Christians (the more fundermentalist the better) and hates irreligious Jews. When Allen was a Christian in good standing, all was well. Cross Current Jews were free to praise him, and to rhapsodize poeticaly about his wonderful morals, and excellent Jesus-centric values. But now what? Overnight, Allen has morphed from Fundementalist Christian to Pork Eating Jew.

Will the GOPJews toss him overboard? And, if they do, what conclusions should we draw about a group of people who are willing to accept a Christian who insults minorities and commits acts of idol worship in public, but not a full-fledged Jew who happens to be a tinok shenishba? [a child who was raised among gentiles and therefore cannot be held responsible for his or her lack of observance]


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