Monday, September 25, 2006

More lies from Fox

Predictably, the MSM is making a very big deal out of Clinton's finger wagging during his great showing on FOX last Sunday night. Some second class republican j-blogs are as well. Just as predictably, none of them are admitting that Clinton's central complaint was true.

Here's how it went down: After Wallace hit the former president with an obnoxious question ("Why didn't you do more? Connect the dots and put [Al Queda] out of business?) Clinton demanded to know why the tools at Fox never ask the Bushies the same question. After all, before 9/11 Bush had eight months to "connect the dots" and "put [Al Queda] out of business." Yet he never did.

In response to Clinton's demand, Wallace smirked and claimed that of course he had asked the Bushies exactly those sort of questions.

Media Matters calls BS

PS: Attention GOP Jews:
Why don't you help president Clinton? He and I both want to know why Bush didn't "connect the dots and put Al Queda out of business" during the nine months before 9/11

Fox doesn't care, of course, which is why they never ask the Bushies questions like that. But red-blooded, non-partisan, patriotic Americans like you, I expect, are greatly distrubed by Bush's inaction. Greatly. Right?

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