Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chicken fall-out?

The Yeshiva of Spring Valley is one of Monsey's venable institutions. It' s been around forever. From what I am told, there are two campuses - one for girls and one for boys - each with their own administration. According to the rumor mill, both were also customers of Shevach Butchers, and both regularly served non-kosher meat to their students.

Now, of course, this doesn't disturb me. Why should it? Like everyone else in Monsey, the yeshiva followed the halachic process, and bought from a butcher who possessed a reputable hasgacha (kosher certification) They did nothing wrong, and have no reason to apologize. Yet, according to one of my email correspondents, a well-known shul rabbi in Monsey, YSV's "breast-beating has been loud and public."

The same correspondent tells me that, this year, the school's girl's division has introduced a new rule Though fathers were once welcome to come learn about the curriculum and to meet the teachers at the annual Open House, they've now been asked to stay home. The reason? After 50 odd years of allowing fathers to participate in their daughter's education by attending the Open House, the school has decided that is immodest for men and women to mix together at this event.

Is this part of YSV's repentance for serving treif chicken for, perhaps, the last 10 years? No idea, but it's idiotic all the same.

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