Monday, September 11, 2006

Chicken Comments (1)

I've seen some great comments on the blogs about the Monsey Chicken Fiasco. Here's one:

Chaptzem Blog!: "It is time that we all come to terms with the pressure-cooker we all live in. How are we supposed to stay ehrlich and support a few generations at the same time (ourselves, children and grandchildren)? Until we bury the 'kollel situation', where Litvishe people are coerced into undertaking mega-years of support, trust me, him and many others will continue having to resort to 'treifene zachen' like this and others. When we teach our children in school, that unless we support a ben- Torah for a husband, we are not living a Torahdik life and not correctly planting the seeds for a torahdik family, we will continue to force those that can't marry off and support their children honestly, to do it dishonestly.

Are the offspring of those that sat in jail less or more likely to get married, if the parents can come up with the obligatory cash? Look around you for the answer. Sad as it may be, see how many top Brisker boys have married girls whose fathers sat in jail and you will have your answer.

Those that cause Chilul Hashem in other sectors- outside of Kashrus- are defaming and defiling as well. Only Hashem can judge which is more or less heinous.

Those in the Chinuch field that encourage one lifestyle as the only right one for all, are causing many such situations with dire consequences in homes all around, such as parents dissatisfaction with children and children's dissatisfaction with parents and people's dissatisfaction with themselves and Hashem.

Those that promote this expensive situation that is only doable for the ultra rich or ultra simple, must realize the consequences of their actions.

May those that have the power to influence, see the light of the cause of this tragic situation that is effecting us all around."

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