Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Was it the Chicken?

Recent examples of Monsey insanity:

*Slifkin (according to GH, the idea to ban Slifkin originated in Monsey and was honchoed by Monsey zealots)

* Metzizha b'Peh (It was a Monsey mohel who [allegedly] infected the infants with Hepititis herpes [corrected 9/14], and it was Monsey zealots who portrayed the reasonable efforts of reasonable people to regulate the practice as an attempt by evil self-hating Jews to destroy the institution of mila.)

* TendlerThe disgraced Rabbi is a resident.

* Karben The disgraced Assemblyman is a resident.

* Naturai Karta(The home base of the American branch is in Monsey. The disgraceful fellow who made a visit to Yasser Arafat's hospital room is a resident.)

* The Talking Fish (Techincally, this particular chillul hashem belongs to New Square, but New Sqaure is adjacent to Monsey, and the true believers of Monsey lapped the story up with a spoon)

Maybe there really is something to the idea that traif food is "m'tum'tum halev."

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