Sunday, October 16, 2005


OrthoMom tagged me with the 7 meme. And I thought we were friends. Anyway, off we go!

7 Things I Can Do:

* Read all 5 megilos in front of a shul
* Make a perfect omlet
* Post 3-10 times per day, while mantaining a regular life (and no, this isn't my secret.)
* Name all of the American presidents in order, as effortlessly as my son might recite the alphabet
* Grow grass (the green kind)
* Drink you under the table (I have a hollow leg)
* Tell you how quite a few magic tricks are done.

7 Things I Can't Do:

* Discern the differences between expensive wine and swill
* See dirt
* Roll my tounge
* Tolerate vapid people
* Prove Torah mi Sinai
* Play an instrument
* Think of a seventh thing

7 Things I Hope To Do In My Life

* Write something deathless
* Finish the Great Books
* Raise kids that are intelligent and well-mannered.
* Live in a great city, like London or Manhatten
* Perform some major league philanthropy
* See great-grandchildren
* Demonstrate that the Torah isn't hostile to liberalism; that ball mofsim are frauds; that you can be a Torah True Jew without toeing the party lines.

People I'd like to infect with this meme:

* Zman Biur
* Chayyei Sarah
* Jason Maoz
* Amshinover
* Gil Student
* Yakov Menken
* Toby Katz