Monday, October 31, 2005


The only thing that worries me about Sammy Alito, the new nominee to the Supreme Court, is that conservatives seem to like him. Otherwise, I have no complaints (yet) about this pick.

Meanwhile, the Bush presidency is still over and his crony-filled, stumble-bum administration is still crippled.

As an op-ed in today's paper put it (paraphrasing) all Bush
ever had going for him were the myths - myths of leadership, myths of compassion, myths of competance, myths of patriotism. Now that those myths have been demolished what does he have left?

Even his conservative bonafides are suspect. Taxes haven't been lowered (not without strict sunset provisions, anyway). Government hasn't been shrunk. Spending hasn't been cut. Deficits haven't been eliminated. The debt has been expanded.

Bush fools the rubes, but that's it.